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The Top 10 Myths and Lies About the Oil and Gas Industry


Oct. 20, 2016
By Joe Hyde
San Angelo LIVE!

SAN ANGELO, TX — “There has never been a more important prize in the history of the Planet. And it’s in Texas,” said Allen Gilmer, CEO of Austin-based DrillingInfo. He was speaking to a packed room at a luncheon for the Desk and Derrick Club of San Angelo last week.

Gilmer co-founded DrillingInfo that tracks information from the oil industry. Over 3,500 oil industry companies subscribe to his data service.

It is with that data that Gilmer presented a full-throated defense of the oil and gas industry. 

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Oil and Gas Highlights – October


The past month has been exciting for the oil and gas industry—we’ve seen natural gas prices rise above $3, oil prices are promising at just over $50 per barrel, and investors are putting more money into infrastructure in Texas. 

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