Experience On The Commission

Oil and gas is Texas’ largest industry and Texans deserve to have someone leading the Railroad Commission with the right energy experience to ensure we stay at the forefront of energy production and independence. With over 20 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry, I am considered a leading expert in my field.

In addition, the Commission has over 700 employees, and needs leaders with experience managing a large organization. At our company, PinnacleAIS, I lead an amazing team of over 300 people. I can integrate my technical experience with my business leadership experience to ensure that the Commission is an effective organization.

The Texas oil and gas industry is too important to elect someone who needs on the job training to help lead the Railroad Commission. Texans simply can’t afford it.

Standing Up To Obama’s War on Energy

Barack Obama has used his federal cronies as a tool to attempt to systematically dismantle fossil fuel production in America. Our state needs someone with the technical expertise to win the argument when federal bureaucrats from the EPA or other government agencies try to impose their liberal agendas on Texas energy production. Many times I have served as an expert in situations where federal agencies, like the EPA or OSHA, have gone after our industry companies. Recently, I worked with one company to demonstrate that the practices we are using are technically sound, so that a facility could continue to operate and keeping thousands of barrels of crude oil flowing through their facility.

As your Railroad Commissioner I will work constantly to ensure that Texas regulates its own industries, and that the federal government and trial lawyers are held at bay. When we do face off against the federal government, I will be the first one to bring technical expertise to defend our state in that fight.

Sound Regulations

The regulations from the Railroad Commission must always be applied fairly and predictably. My background as a small business owner has taught me firsthand that regulations must be balanced so the private sector feels comfortable investing their capital in Texas. With our neighboring states competing to take energy jobs out of Texas, the Railroad Commission must always make certain its regulations offer a level playing field for operators to grow their businesses.

As an engineer, I will also be able to play the critical role of evaluating and facilitating our regulations to make sure that they are technically sound, and not over-reaching. By keeping our regulations sound, consistent and straightforward, we can make sure that our practices are industry leading while our companies can operate efficiently.

Energy Independence And Energy Leadership

American energy independence means more American jobs and a safer America. Too much of our money goes to energy producing countries that are hostile to America’s interests. We can live in a safer and more prosperous America if we reduce our dependence on foreign oil. To do this, we need to maximize production and ensure that we have the infrastructure to transfer that production. We also need to work toward opening up exports of our products to make sure that we are competing on the global market with our energy products. I will work every day at the Railroad Commission to make sure Texas leads our nation to energy independence.

An Agency Taxpayers Are Proud Of

The Railroad Commission should be an agency that is not only world-class, but also one that Texans are proud of. We need the commission to be a leader in technology that prides itself on uncompromising customer service while using the least amount of your tax dollars. I am determined to lead a permitting process that turns around permits as safely and quickly as possible. Every permit that isn’t approved means less production and fewer jobs for our state. As your Railroad Commissioner, I will leverage my experience running a business to make sure that we are efficiently and effectively providing a level of service unparalleled in government agencies.

Private Property Rights

I am a staunch supporter and defender of Texans' private property rights. Property rights are constitutionally protected and are fundamental to our free society. My family owns a small ranch outside of Corsicana and we cherish the freedom we have to do with that land as we see fit. At the Railroad Commission, I will encourage responsible production, being ever mindful that production is only responsible if it accounts for and respects private property owners' rights.

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